Exam with HD Technology

As part of a comprehensive eye examination, it is recommended that all patients have the internal health of their eyes thoroughly evaluated every year. West Tennessee Eye is pleased to now be able to offer high definition imaging technology as a part of your annual exam.

What does HD Technology mean for protecting your eye health?

Your doctor is concerned about monitoring, diagnosing and documenting disease that can result in blindness, like macular degeneration or glaucoma. Also diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and certain prescription medications can damage structures in the back of your eyes and result in vision loss. HD Technology dramatically improves your doctor’s ability to more carefully examine the microscopic structures inside of your eyes. Medical research indicated that HD imaging is 4 times more accurate than traditional exam techniques. This is partially true because patients are blinking and moving round with dilated pupils and as the doctor examines with a bright light.

HD Technology provides you and your doctor with a permanent record and image for your medical file and greatly reduces the time needed to shine bright lights into your eyes during dilation.

Just as your dentist regularly takes x-ray images of your teeth, or mammograms are used for early detection of disease, your eyes need the same quality care with high definition photography.

Your co-pay for the procedure is only $22 and is not covered by most insurance.

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